Update for users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x (Removal of a Non-Bug)

People visiting this site with the Microsoft Internet Explorer may have recognized that all the text on this site was black, and all the links/hrefs where painted in beautiful blue ...
I sat down and fixed that Non-Bug in the CSS, which have been tested valid by some w3c.org-validators. Problem A was that IE did not take inherited colors (neither implicitly nor explicitly inherited) in the <p>/</p> pair of tags (and probably in other environments, too), so I had to explicitly set the color to what I need. Problem B was even more ridicoulos: To keep track of tweaks in the CSS I had/have a lot of comments in it, with the original color-values. But IE did not like a construct like ... a { color: /* #oldcolor */ newcolor; } ... and I doubt the official w3c-validator would not recognize it if it was false css-syntax. But I removed the comment inside, et voila, IE renders fine (at least I think so). If you see any more errors, please sendmail me about that (com@gmail.phresnel, swap com with phresnel).

IE - before

IE - after

an IE render before removal of non-bug an IE render after removal of non-bug

Other Browsers and Test-Results

While we are here at the moment, the following graphical browsers have also been tested via my box and http://browsershots.org:


  • Camino 1.x
  • Epiphany 2.x
  • Firefox 1.x / 2.x / 3.x
  • Flock 1.x / 2.x
  • Galeon 1.x
  • Iceape 1.x
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • K-Meleon 1.x
  • Kazehakase 0.2.x / 0.4.x / 0.5.x
  • Konqueror 3.x
  • Minefield 3.x
  • Mozilla 1.7.x
  • Navigator 9.x
  • Opera 9.x
  • Safari 3.x
  • Sea Monkey 1.x / 2.x


  • Dillo 0.8.x (while Dillo is actually designed to be minimal)
  • Internet Explorer 4.x / 5.x / 6.x

Text-Browsers tested (results are fine):

  • Lynx
  • w3m

Gee ...



I was no more happy with my old site. So I sat down, and typed together a new incarnation of it. There is no more dependence on MySQL, everything is file based. Every article lives in it's own, permanent file, and has thus a unique and permanent uri. And really, the old site was too laden.

To speed up anyways the display of content ordered by category, or by date, or whatsoever, some indexes have been setup (no, no ln -s, really only one inode per article).

The coolest thing is that I need no more HTML-Markup (okay, some files are still in HTML, like this one); instead I have written a small parser that scans a LaTeX like markup of my own brand. I also programmed a small tool that enables me to use LaTeX formulas directly inline in form of exported portable network graphics. And some day I will hack together a full PDF-exporter for those who want to print some of my typedowns. You can see a test-page which demonstrates some of the features here.


... this site is the result of an uncontrolled PHP hacking marathon. But it seems that everything is fine. Really.


There is void on this site currently. Forgive me. But there will be content, I can say. But as said before, feel free to visit my old site:


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